Hotel Management

Food & Beverage

Personalized menu design, scratch cooking using only fresh ingredients, and exceptional bakery and beverage departments position Millcraft Hospitality as innovators in the industry. Exceptional service is what separates Millcraft from the competition. This level of service is accomplished through extensive training including mentoring and shadowing programs. All employees understand why service comes first. Millcraft Hospitality has employed well-versed managers and Chefs to ensure a great culinary experience. All of the menus for the restaurants and banquets are handcrafted by our Executive Chefs.

Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management

Millcraft Hospitality’s team of well-versed and experienced Directors, Sales Managers and Marketing experts understand that repeat business is a driving factor in the hospitality industry. Making every guest feel “part of the family,” Millcraft communicates directly with guests by having a strong presence on social media for every hospitality property.

Training & Professional Development

Millcraft Hospitality believes in the appropriate training agenda for team members. Their success is directly proportionate to the amount of time invested in their development. Millcraft takes great pride in the growth and advancement of the hospitality staff. Recruitment and training procedures are implemented at the corporate level and are in accordance with our franchisor’s requirements.